Couple Make Funny Video to Boost Chances to Adopt

They make funny video to boost chances.

ByNicole Pelletiere
March 13, 2015, 5:21 PM
PHOTO: Joe Morales and Joey Famoso made an adoption video that went viral.
Joe Morales and Joey Famoso made an adoption video that went viral.
Joe Morales

— -- Joe Morales and Joey Famoso have dreamed of adopting a baby for five years now.

"Both of us always wanted to be dads," says Morales of Minneapolis, Minnesota. "It's been kind of a deal breaker for both of us."

The two first began the adoption process in April of 2014.

A few months later, they were overjoyed to receive some fantastic news.

"In November, we were matched with a birth mom," Morales tells ABC News."We flew out there to Michigan and stayed with her for about a week before she went into labor. We were in the delivery room and even cut the umbilical cord."

Morales and his fiance had their new baby girl for about nine hours. Then, he says, the mother had changed her mind and decided to keep the child after all.

"The happened two days before Thanksgiving, so it was kind of devastating. We knew we would be taking a risk and thought, 'How can we do this again?,' but we decided that we weren't going to give up."

That's when Morales and Famoso chose to take a unique approach in finding a new birth mom.

"We wanted to do something different and Joey jokingly said 'We could sing and dance,'" says Morales. "About an hour later, we had the majority of the song written."

On Feb. 20, the guys posted the video "Dear Future Baby ...(Meghan Trainor Parody)," where the guys sang a along to a Meghan Trainor tune, describing how they promise to be the best dads they can be.

Since sharing it on YouTube, the video has racked up over 39,000 views.

"What were most proud of is how well it captures our personality," says Morales. "I think that we’ll be really good parents because we’re a great couple we make a really good team. The amount of respect we have for each other will translate for the love we’ll have for our child."

Morales and Famoso have 13 months left in their contract with the adoption agency.

Upon its expiration, the couple must go through the approval process for a second time.

The men have hopes that the video will capture the attention of a birth mom who's willing to consider them to adopt her child.

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