Dad Creates Daughter's Incredible Christmas-Themed Hairdos

The single dad-turned-stylist has outdone himself this time.

— -- Greg Wickherst made headlines in 2015 when he took hairstyling lessons to fashion the locks of his then 3-year-old daughter, Izzy.

It was crazy-hair day at Izzy's school last week, and the pressure was on. "I wanted to do something really original. Since it is the Christmas season, I thought about putting a Christmas tree on her head."

He told his girlfriend his idea and she introduced Wickherst to glue guns. "She and I made the decorations for the tree, the presents. That all took about an hour. The next morning for school, it only took about 20 minutes to put her hair together and use the hair paint for the color of the tree. Once I did the tree, that inspired me to try new styles."

Some of his other styles, he said, came from websites and Facebook pages. But the snowman, he said, was his idea. "When I thought of the snowman, I realized I could incorporate her head as the bottom part of the snowman. I sat down with my girlfriend and I sketched out how it would look. We came up with the buttons, carrot, smile, scarf, etc. It was really exciting."

That one took about an hour and a half of prep and 20 minutes to do Izzy's hair.

Another favorite? The wreath. "I was especially proud of how it came out," Wickherst said. "It looked elegant to me."