DC police deliver twins teddy bears made from their fallen father's uniform

DC cop makes teddy bears for kids out of old uniform of fallen colleague.

ByABC News
December 21, 2017, 12:00 AM

— -- Jennifer Eastman's 5-year-old daughter Violet's response when handed a teddy bear made from her late father's police uniform was as simple as it was touching: "I can give daddy a hug," she said.

Barry Eastman was a Washington, D.C. police officer when he passed away in Clarksville, Maryland, on the morning of Sept. 25, after driving into the center lane on Route 32 just north of Route 108 for an “unknown reason,” and crashing into a tractor trailer.

Eastman, who was 31 years old at the time, died at the scene.

On Tuesday, police officers dropped off two teddy bears for Eastman’s twin children, Violet and Asher, made by officer Rebecca Werner, who worked in the Third District with him.

“My kids were thrilled to receive them,” Jennifer told Washington, D.C. ABC affiliate WJLA. “They love talking about their dad and they’re really proud of him.”

The bears' eyes are made of Eastman’s uniform buttons, on the feet are Metropolitan Police patches, and the bears have neckties, just like an officer. In a tweet the department wrote, “A fellow 3D officer handmade these stuffed animals out of Officer Barry Eastman's old uniforms who was killed in a car crash earlier this year. They'll go to Eastman's two kids. He loved helping others including through community coat drives for those in need.”

“He would love that so many people are reaching out to our kids and doing such wonderful things for them,” Jennifer said.