Disney Fans Create Life-Size Replica of Andy's Room From 'Toy Story'

Morgan and Mason McGrew are huge fans of "Toy Story 3."

— -- Morgan and Mason McGrew are two brothers whose love for the "Toy Story" series goes "to infinity and beyond."

The McGrew brothers built a life-sized replica of character Andy's bedroom from the Disney Pixar film "Toy Story 3," and the end results are incredible.

Morgan, 19, and Mason, 16, recreated Andy's room in order to create a real life shot-for-shot remake of "Toy Story 3."

In a post on their Tumblr page The Pixarist, the boys explained that having a full-scale version of Andy's room would be integral for their project.

"You can’t successfully recreate 'Toy Story 3' without a realistic-looking Andy’s room," wrote the McGrew brothers.

Morgan McGrew told ABC News that the reason he and Mason started this project is because of their sheer love for the movie "Toy Story 3."

"It is hands down our favorite film of all time," said Morgan.

Morgan revealed that it took him and his brother two years to complete the life-sized replica, but that the siblings were ultimately satisfied with the final outcome.

"Yeah, that sounds like a monumental amount of time, but we enjoyed every minute of it," said Morgan.

"'Toy Story 3' means the world to us, so it was awesome getting to spend time on translating it to real life,' he added. "We both dreamed of having a room like Andy’s as kids."

Morgan revealed that the most difficult part of Andy's room to recreate was the character's unique bed headboard, and he credited his father's woodworking skills for bringing the headboard to life.

"My brother and I are blown away by all of the attention that the room is getting," said Morgan. "We never imagined that so many people would be interested in it."