'Ditto' Halloween house is for anyone who can't deal with decorations

Some people go all out on their Halloween decorations. Others, not so much.

— -- Some people go all out on their Halloween decorations. Ghosts and goblins, gravestones and skeletons, hay and pumpkins.

And there are lots of other people.

One woman in the Modesto, California, area decided to take the comical route on Halloween decor this year. Instead of trying to compete with her next-door neighbor's elaborate decorations, she simply out out a sign that says, "Ditto," with an arrow pointing at the neighbor's home.

Harry Harris posted side-by-side photos of his mom's and neighbor's houses to Twitter and told ABC News, "Our neighbors are superfriendly, and their house is always popular on Halloween, so my mum just decided to create the sign as a joke."

He said that his mom is "hilarious" and that she often goes all out for the holidays but this year opted out. The tweet has been shared hundreds of times.

"I think people find it funny because it's relatable," he said. "Decorating houses can be stressful and sometimes time-consuming, so why not take the easy route?"