DIY Outdoor Globe Lights to Decorate Your Doorway

Creating DIY outdoor globe lights is an easy way to makeover your doorway.

— -- Decorating the outside of your home is an easy way to improve your curb appeal and adding lights can be an inexpensive way to dress up your doorway. This DIY outdoor globe lights project allows you to transform ordinary planters into extraordinary globe lights for a low cost.

Follow the instructions below to make the lights yourself.

Outdoor Globe Lights


1 - Pair of scissors or wire cutters

2 - 14-inch hanging baskets

2 - 10.5-foot LED string lights or outdoor Christmas lights

1 - packet of 4-inch black cable ties


1. Prepare the Baskets: Remove the liners and chains from the two hanging baskets. Set aside the chains to later use.

2. Form the Globe: In order to form the globe place one basket on top of the other. Then add the cable ties around the center straps to hold the two baskets together. Use the scissors to cut off the excess ends of the ties.

3. Add the Lights: Now that the globe is formed loop the first strand of lights around the globe. Add cable ties to the strand to secure in place. Add a second strand of lights and also secure with the ties. Once you are finished attaching the lights tuck the cord connections inside the top of the globe. Make sure the plug end of the second strand is accessible at the top of the globe.

4. Hang and Light Up: Take one of the chains that was set aside and connect the ends together. This will form a chain at the top of the globe. Then take the second chain and attach it to the chain loop. Then find an overhead structure to hang the globe from and hook up to a suitable extension cord. Plug in and your doorway is transformed!