Dog Back Home After Getting Stuck on Utah Cliff

Rescuers spent hours trying to coax Mary down.

— -- Mary, an American foxhound, is back home, safe and sound, after surviving two nights perched on the side of a cliff in Provo, Utah, according to rescuers.

Armed with a camera, supplies and, of course, treats, Shaun Roundy and other volunteers with the Utah County Sheriff's search and rescue team set out Friday, hiking half a mile up steep terrain, to remove the 3-year-old canine from the mountainside.

It was not clear how Mary had made it to the cliff with the 60-foot drop. Rescuers said she had been there since Thursday.

"We've got a dog harness. We're going to rappel down, put that on [Mary and] bring [her] back down to safety," Roundy said on video posted on YouTube by the Utah rescue team.

Roundy and his team, however, quickly learned that would not be the case with stubborn Mary.

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Roundy fed her treats and tried to coax her to him, but the dog refused to let him put a harness on her or even touch her.

"We thought, 'This dog's been [here] overnight on the coldest night of the year. It's going to be hungry. It's going to be happy to see us,'" he told ABC affiliate

In the more than 21 minute video posted by the team, Roundy's camera captured his harrowing attempts to rescue the dog from a ledge.

"Don't go jumping off any cliffs, now. Come here, Mary," he can be heard saying in the video. "OK, Mary. Hang on, girl. Good girl. Got some treats for you."

Roundy said he fed Mary dog treats and even had the owner speak to her on a walkie-talkie, to no avail. The team spent two hours trying to rescue her, until the sun set and the temperatures started dropping.

"I thought, 'If I take one more step closer, it's going to fall off,'" Roundy said.

The team said it planned to try again Saturday, this time with a net. When they returned, however, Mary was gone.

"The owner did return the following morning and coaxed her down," John Luke, a Utah County spokesman, said today. "She had some scrapes and minor cuts but was otherwise OK."

Her owners did not want to be identified.