Dog loses couple's wedding rings minutes before ceremony

"He’s got his own personality so it makes sense that he stole the show."

— -- Gina and Scott Noble had a beautiful wedding ceremony in Denver’s Washington Park on Aug. 19.

There was just one hiccup -- their canine ring bearer lost their wedding bands minutes before the ceremony began.

The bride's brother's dog, Tucker, misplaced the bands that were tied around his neck. Jeff Brines told ABC News he suspects his dog went for a quick dip in a nearby stream when the rings came loose.

“It was a result of my running around doing four things that I think triggered his 'It's play time' reaction, whereby he decided to go check out the crawdads in the nearby canal or say hi to a neighboring picnicker,” Brines told ABC News.

The bride and groom took the news in stride and did not let it ruin their special day.

“Life goes on. They’re just rings and we can replace them. I still got a great husband,” Gina Noble, 31, said. “At the end of the day, it’s materialistic and we can look back and laugh at this.”

Family members tried to help search for the wedding rings, but so far, they haven’t turned up.

Rather than the rings, the bride said she was more concerned about her brother, who was “absolutely mortified.”

“I obviously feel pretty bad about the whole thing,” said Brines. “But in a way, it was an unfortunate test of a marriage. If you’re getting married for the right reasons, it’s an easy thing to get past. If you’re getting married for a ceremony, you’d freak out. If you can get through that and laugh about it, then it’s meant to be.”

Scott Noble said their is based on humor, so “it couldn’t have happened to a better couple.”

“It honestly didn’t mean anything,” the groom said of the missing bands. ”I thought it was hilarious. We’ve dealt with other stuff in the past that has been a lot more serious. Something like this would totally wreck other brides but we took it in stride."

He added that Tucker is an awesome dog that goes mountain biking and skiing with Brines all the time, so losing the rings is pretty typical of his adventurous personality.

“The dog is literally a human. He’s got his own personality so it makes sense that he stole the show on our big day,” said Scott Noble, 32.