How Would a Dog Wear Pants? It's the Most Important Question on the Internet

The debate has taken over the internet

ByABC News
December 29, 2015, 9:26 PM

— -- First there was the famous dress debate. Now, a new conundrum has divided the internet over a simple question: if a dog wore pants, what kind would he wear? Would they cover his two hind legs or all four legs?

This image is exploding online after Jared Keller, a deputy editor at Maxim magazine tweeted it to his 24,000 followers.

Keller tracked down the original creator of the picture, who runs the Facebook page, Utopian Raspberry - Modern Oasis Machine, who says he believes that because dogs don’t really have arms, their pants should technically go on every leg.

He raises a good point.

The photo itself has sparked a fiery online debacle, with people sounding off by tweeting which style they believe canines should be sporting.

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