Dog Gets Yucky Surprise From Adorable Baby

Liberty the boxer learned very quickly that with babies, spit happens.

— -- The bond between an adorable infant named Benjamin and his pet boxer Liberty is just too sweet for words.

But Liberty learned very quickly that with babies, spit happens.

Mom Leah Parsons of Maryland told ABC News that her husband Josh had been filming the dynamic duo interacting on June 9.

The video, posted on Parsons' YouTube page, shows Liberty giving 1-month-old Benjamin kisses when all of a sudden, the poor pup gets a dose of spit in the nose.

"[Liberty] still comes back to [Benjamin] him and smells him and gets close, but I'd be afraid to get close to him after that," Parsons said with a laugh. "People, like you, have just been laughing out loud, total surprise."

The Parsons have two other boxers named George and Franklin.

"Hopefully they'll grow up being good friends," Parsons said. "The dogs are super gentle with him. They love him to death. The moment he came home they've been very protective and all about him."