'Under-Dogs' photo series captures canines in a unique way

Andrius Burba's new project photographs dogs from below through glass.

— -- Dog photos are adorable, cuddly and cute, but is there any way to make them any cuter? The answer to that question may lie in “Under-Dog,” a project by 24-year-old Lithuanian photographer Andrius Burba.

“Under-Dog” is a pet photo project that captures pups from underneath, offering both a rarely seen view of the canines as well as their animated facial expressions.

Burba, an advertising and fashion photographer, said he was originally inspired to photograph animals from below by a photo he found online.

His first series, “Under-Cats,” was an Internet hit, going viral and encouraging the young photographer to pursue other projects. He has since photographed rabbits and horses in a similar manner.

He now has plans to create a photo series involving wild animals such as tigers and elephants for his “Under Big Cats” project.