Dominique Ansel's Cronut Recipe Revealed on 'GMA'

See what the Cronut buzz is all about with Dominique Ansel's at-home recipe.

"It took quite a lot of work in my small New York home kitchen to work out a version of the Cronut recipe for an at-home cook," Ansel told ABC News. "The book has some much simpler recipes, but this is definitely a three-day challenge for the real serious bakers out there. I hope they have fun with it and make it for someone special."

The Cronut is a trademarked brand of the bakery, but the at-home version Ansel created is a different recipe, both in terms of ingredients and techniques. Certain ingredients used in a commercial setting may be less available for home cooks. At the bakery, they use a different type of flour, for instance, that are not readily available.

Ansel worked for nearly four months to develop an at-home recipe that was consistent.

The Cronut recipe is part of Ansel's new cookbook, "Dominique Ansel: Secret Recipes," out on Oct. 28, but you can already see for yourself what the Cronut buzz is all about with his recipe below.

Dominique Ansel's At-Home Cronut: Click here for the recipe.