Engaged Couple Sees Themselves Age 60 Years in One Day

The video reveals how the couple might look when they’re ages 50, 70 and 90.

— -- This engaged couple, who will be married tonight in St. Louis, no longer has to wonder if their soon-to-be spouse will age well.

Tavis Doucette and Kristie Scherrer, both in their late 20s, were given a shocking glimpse into their future -- and it turned out to be a beautiful, emotional journey for them.

“What an incredible thing to see,” Scherrer said in this video as tears well up in her eyes, gently feeling the aging wrinkles on her cheeks.

The couple took part in a project a month before their big day where a team of four makeup and hair artists quite literally catapulted them into their golden years, showing them what they would look like at ages 50, 70 and 90.

"I'm going to look just like my mother one day," Scherrer said as soon as she saw her 50-year-old self.

"OK so I definitely need to start using some sunscreen," Doucette added. "Yep, that's definitely it."

"We’ll probably have a couple of teenagers, ugh. That'll be rough," Scherrer said of their future "stereotypical" life.

"We'll be on the PTA," he said. "Oh God, that sounds so weird."

Just when they began getting used to their middle-aged selves, it was time to move onto their 70s.

"I hope I'm taking better care of your hair at this age," Scherrer joked about Doucette's long, graying locks.

"I can't help but think about what the last 50 years were," Doucette explained while holding his future wife's hand. "To see her look like this just makes me think of where we have gone to be next to each other looking like this. What happened in between?"

Finally it was on to their 90s-- the age which evoked the most emotion from the couple.

“I think I look pretty darn good!,” Doucette quipped after the oldest version of himself was revealed.

“I do, too!,” Scherrer agreed with him.

“There’s some strange, comforting feeling seeing him this way,” Scherrer explained while affectionately grasping Doucette’s arm. “Especially being about to get married and embarking on all of that, I couldn’t be more sure that this is what I want.”

As the nearly-newlyweds prepare to say their vows tonight, neither of them has seen the completed video just yet, but they’re not the only ones excited about the final result.

“My mom thinks this is the coolest thing,” said Scherrer. “She was like, ‘What a treat for us because we’ll probably be gone when you’re that age, and we’ll get to see what you would maybe look like.’ How cool. Neat when you think about it.”

The video is the brainchild of Cut Video and Field Day, who teamed up with 1stAveMachine, an award-winning production company, to give this happy couple one of the most timeless gifts you could give them ahead of spending a lifetime together.

“We're hoping the video will make people reflect on their own life and the people that are close to them,” Blaine Ludy, Director of Cut Video, wrote to ABC News. “A lot of people are afraid to think about the future and getting old. It's not a bad thing, it's beautiful.”

And after having gone through this experience, it seems Doucette and Scherrer couldn't agree with that more.

“You look fantastic. Not a day over 75,” Doucette joked about his future 90-year-old wife.

“Really? You do,” she replied without missing a beat.

The remarkable video is going incredibly viral with nearly 1 million views in less than 24 hours.