Engagement Photos Have Reached a New Level

One couple takes extreme engagement photo with a live picture in Times Square.

September 1, 2015, 11:49 AM

— -- Over-the-top proposals and weddings have been a huge trend in recent years, but now there’s a new twist—couples going all out for their engagement photo shoots with all kinds of unique and creative portraits.

First reported in the New York Post, the attention grabbing engagement photos are putting the focus on a couple’s interests, whatever they may be, instead of the traditional romantic snaps you might be used to.

“Anything from zombie engagement shoots if you’re a ‘Walking Dead’ fan to incorporating ‘Star Trek’ into your engagement photos, or something more simple like where you had your first date, how you met, ,” Jamie Miles, managing editor for TheKnot.com, told ABC News off the varying types of trends.

Movie fanatics Alec Wells and Katherine Canipe, of Los Angeles, followed up their viral horror film “Halloween”-themed proposal video with an epic “Back to the Future” engagement shoot, recreating the iconic film’s movie poster down to the smallest detail.

“The proposal was done in her favorite movie, ‘Halloween,’” Alec explained. “Why not do the announcement in my favorite movie, ‘Back to the Future?’”

“We saw our engagement photos as a way to be unique and show who we are what we love about each other,” said Katherine.

Couples are drawing inspiration from everywhere, not just Hollywood. One couple featured Twinkies and takeout food, another showcasing their competing interests. And don’t forget the social media factor: the most eye-catching the photos, the more likes online.

“It’s the age of social media [with] Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,” said Miles. “You want to showcase that you’re fun and playful and have a personality. So this is a great way to do that.”

As for Alec and Katherine, “It only seems appropriate that for our wedding, we finish this off with some sort of epic conclusion,” the couple said of capturing their big day.

“It’s a lot of pressure though,” Katherine added.

One couple joined us live on “Good Morning America” to take part in their very own extreme engagement photo shoot surrounded by all 52 Miss America contestants.

Charlotte Gorski and Mike Bielecki, who got engaged on December 21, explained why they wanted to partake in the elaborate trend.

“We’re planning on only being engaged once so we really wanted a fun and unique experience to celebrate,” Charlotte said.

“For me, I just kind of go with the flow with all things wedding,” her husband-to-be added. “I don’t want her to be mad at me.”

On the count of the three, the lovebird posed for the photo of their lifetime in the middle of Times Square, topping off the picture-perfect moment with a dip and a kiss.

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