Entire School Welcomes Back Teacher Who Beat Cancer With 'Fight Song' Serenade

"I just was overcome with emotion," Jill Bass said.

— -- A Florida teacher battling breast cancer received a heartwarming surprise when her students welcomed her back with a special serenade.

Jill Bass, 35, returned to work after going through treatments and was greeted by the entire school singing Rachel Platten's "Fight Song" outside the building.

Bass joined "Good Morning America" live with her class today who were waving their pink pom poms.

"It was so overwhelming," Bass said of the kids' performance at the school. "Obviously, you don't expect anything like that. I just was overcome with emotion, and to see the entire student body out there all in pink, all of the staff members at Rowlett, it was just overwhelming and then they started singing. It just put it over the top. I couldn't believe it."

Bass teaches third grade at Rowlett Elementary School in Bradenton, Florida. She said she is cancer-free and happy to be back working. "This is where I want to be," she said.

Bass' fellow third-grade teacher, Linda Sheldon, helped plan the surprise.

"When Jill was first diagnosed back in May, we were just in shock," Sheldon said on 'GMA.' "She's a 35-year-old, vibrant, beautiful woman, and we just couldn't believe it. Everyone wanted to do something, but you're helpless at that point. You just don't know what you can do. So parents and staff and kids, we sent cards. Teachers donated some of their sick days so Jill wouldn't have to worry about that.

"But the kids, they wanted to show their love and all of our admiration for how strong she's been."