Expert Tips on Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Guest Room

Missy Tannen, president of Boll & Branch, offers some expert tips.

— -- Expecting guests this holiday season? A good host always goes above and beyond to make his or guests feel right at home. Preparing your guest room is an essential step in making your-out-of-town visitors right at home.

Missy Tannen, president of Boll & Branch, a luxury bedding company, shared with ABC News her five simple steps for getting a guest room ready for guests.

First, Tannen said, "clean all of your bedding." Make sure you wash your sheets, but Tannen said it's a good idea to clean the duvet cover and all other bedding, too. But don't worry about ironing if you don't have the time, she said.

"Make sure to vigorously shake it out before you put it in the dryer and then lay it flat on the bed while still warm. Mom will praise herself for your ironing skills ... and you won't tell her a thing," Tannen said.

Next, prepare the bathroom. "Fresh, new towels will make any guest feel extras welcome," Tannen said, but the little things count, too. "New soap in the shower and an ample supply of shampoo, conditioner and even a relaxing scented candle will impress all of your guests."

Third, put out some extra throw blanket. "You want to make sure that all of your guests can snuggle up without necessarily having to snuggle you. Putting out a few extra throw blankets will not only look great, but will also make guests feel comfortable lounging around and enjoying the holidays."

For an extra-thoughtful touch, customize some picture frames, Tannen said. "The holidays are about being thankful for the people in your life, not the things. Show your guests you care about them by placing some photos of them with you in a place or two around the house. It will be a subtle way to show them that you care."

Finally, do something for your guests that benefits you too: De-clutter.

"When the guests show up at the holidays," Tannen said, "they're likely doing so with lots of stuff in hand. Take a bit of time before they come by cleaning up and putting away the clutter. As the house fills back up, they won't directly realize that they're adding to your collection of things."