How to Fake a Good Night's Sleep: Tips to Look Well-Rested

Check out these simple secrets to making yourself look well rested.

December 23, 2014, 10:41 AM

— -- If you’re scrambling to pick up those last minute holiday gifts, you might not be getting enough sleep. But some simple secrets to making it look like you’re well-rested may be all you need this festive season.

If you’re one of the one-third of Americans who’s not getting the recommended seven to eight hours, yet still need to look fresh, “Dr. Oz The Good Life” magazine has some refreshing beauty tips to help.

“It’s not so wonderful when you wake up looking exhausted and drained of color,” the magazine’s editor in chief, Jill Herzig, told ABC News. “It’s a combination of completely natural solutions and just really easy makeup tricks that anybody can do.”

Tips to Look Well-Rested:

That green tea isn’t just for drinking.

Dermatologists say you can apply frozen green tea bags to your eyes in the morning.

“The cold and the caffeine will bring down the redness and there are great plant compounds in green tea that naturally take the puffiness out as well,” said Herzig.

Another trick can be found right in your fridge.

Skincare professionals say the lactic acid in milk has a natural exfoliating effect.

“Pull out your whole milk, soak your wash cloth in it and then just gently lay it on your face,” Herzig explained.

And when it comes to makeup, use white eyeliner for the under eyelid.

“It just brightens and opens up your eyes,” she said.

A bright lipstick color will brighten the face and make the focus be your lips for “a little pop of color,” said Herzig.

And of course, there’s nothing a good brush of blush can’t freshen up.

“Honestly, if you only have time to do one thing, make it a pop of blush,” she said.

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