Family Transforms 25-Foot Silo Into Enormous Minion

VIDEO: Kathy Stark and her family used 14 gallons of paint to give their silo an animated makeover.PlayWPTA
WATCH Minion Silo Makes for a 'Despicable' Sight in Indiana

A Minion silo is making for a "Despicable" sight in Ossian, Indiana, turning the small town into a bit of a tourist destination.

The Stark family painted the 25-foot silo on their farm to look exactly like a Minion from the film “Despicable Me” thanks to an idea Jim Stark had for his grandchildren, WANE-TV reported.

He and his wife, Kathy, had been discussing how their grain silo could really use some freshening up with a new coat of paint. Jim suggested the Minion idea because he knew his grandkids would enjoy it.

Time passed and the paint job never got done. Jim died of cancer on Nov. 20, 2015, and his family decided it was time to honor his creative spirit.

The Starks each took part transforming the rusted, old silo into a massive spectacle that now stops traffic.

The silo has turned into a bit of a tourist destination for their small town.