Female Soccer Player Recruited for Her High School Football Team

"When he told the boys, they thought it was a joke," Ashton said of her coach.

— -- High school soccer player Ashton White is no stranger to kicking on the field.

Now, the seventh-grade athlete from Newton, Alabama, has been recruited to be the kicker on her school's football team.

Ashton plays on a traveling soccer team, but since there is no soccer team at her high school, Josh Cox, Wicksburg High School's football coach, asked her if she'd like to join the Panthers.

"He wanted me to start a soccer team and we don't have a soccer team so he just said, 'You can be our kicker!' and we came out here and tried it," Ashton said this morning on "GMA."

"When he told the boys, they thought it was a joke, but I came out one day and I kicked for them and they were really happy about it," she added.

In the Panthers' first game last week, Ashton kicked 6-for-7 extra points in the 56-26 win over Geneva County.

As for her goal this season, Aston said she "just wants to help the team out."