Finance Worker Gets 'GMA' Makeover Before 30th Birthday

Carolyn Harbaugh jumped at the chance to get a makeover on "GMA."

“I'm turning 30 this year. And I think it would be fun to have a new and fresh look for entering a new stage in my life,” the New Jersey native said. “And I think a new look and a new makeover translates well to dating and to meeting someone.”

Among Harbaugh’s challenges are her hair and wardrobe. She likes having longer hair, but admits she doesn’t know whether she manages it “in the best way.”

Harbaugh works in finance, so she’s typically required to dress conservatively at work. She wants to focus on looks that can take her from the office to an evening out.

“You know, with work … it's more suiting. It's more structured,” she said. “It does make it challenging when transitioning from day to night.”

Harbaugh emerged on "GMA" wearing a classic black dress with high heels and a new hair color: red.

"It's really cool," said Harbaugh. "I love it."

Harabaugh's hair was also longer, thanks to hair extensions.

"I think she looks great," said her mom, Elizabeth. "She looks beautiful."

Keep reading for extra tips from the "GMA" beauty team - Monahan, Roncal and Gibson - to try at home.

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