Firefighters deliver the most lit fire prevention presentation at elementary schools

“You walk in the schools and you’re like a rock star,” said the captain.

— -- These high-energy firefighters have crafted the most lit fire prevention presentation ever delivered at elementary schools, complete with music, props and a full set.

“Before this, I literally would go into classrooms and show them a 10- or 15-minute video and talk to them, six or eight classes a day, and after 10 minutes I’d lose them,” Capt. Mike Carroll told ABC News of the department’s old tactics. “But since we started doing this show, the kids have picked up every fire prevention tip we put out. They’re entertained, they’re involved, and they can’t wait for these firefighters to come and do a ‘stop drop and roll’ with them. It’s incredible.”

The department has been doing these elaborate fire prevention presentations for 12 years, but it wasn’t until a video was posted earlier this month of their performance at Lakehoma Elementary that they gained national notoriety for their over-the-top fire tips.

“It is a neat, neat program. That little clip doesn’t do it justice,” Lakehoma’s principal, Shawna Carter, told ABC News of the viral Facebook video. “It’s the best assembly we have all year long. They change it up and they’re so personable. They’re great. The kids love it, the teachers love it.”

The fierce firefighters have a slew of pop songs that have been updated with catchy fire-themed lyrics for the children to remember, then they take those messages home to give their parents “homework” to check the fire detectors and come up with exit plans.

“The kids love giving their parents homework. They really get into it,” said Carroll. “I’ve had parents come up to me and say, ‘You won’t believe what my child made me do tonight.’ And I’m like, ‘Good! Did you check your smoke detector?’”

He said when they first started with the performances his firefighters had four or five songs that lasted about 25 minutes “and it was a big hit.”