Florida Police Officers Surprise Family With Christmas Tree

The officers brought lights, a tree stand and everything the family would need.

December 3, 2014, 1:26 PM

— -- A Florida family will have a Christmas with all the bells and whistles this year thanks to the generosity of two local police officers.

Boynton Beach Police Officers Barry Ward and Terrence Paramore responded to a hangup 911 call at the home of the family, who was not identified, on Saturday.

When they arrived at the home, occupied by a single mother and at least two children, the officers discovered there was no emergency – just the younger child, a 2-year-old playing with the phone – but also no signs of Christmas or holiday cheer in the home.

“It was pretty obvious that the family was struggling,” Officer Paramore told ABC News.

“She mentioned that they weren’t going to have a Christmas that year,” he said, referring to a 7-year-old girl who lives in the home. “We stood outside at the end of the call and told each other that something had to be done.”

The two officers went to a local Home Depot store and, on their own dime, purchased a live tree for the family, as well as decorations for it, including lights, a tree stand and more.

In all, Paramore and Ward spent around $100 out of their own pockets on the family.

The pair went back to the family’s home on Sunday to deliver the tree and were greeted with smiles and hugs, first for the Christmas tree and then for them.

“She hugged the tree,” Paramore said of the 7-year-old. “I was taken aback and we were both humbled and just glad to see that this family was going to have something to sit around and use.”

The officers’ delivery was captured on camera and posted on the police department’s YouTube page, where it has received nearly 7,000 views.

The department has since received “tons” of donations and phone calls from people around the country asking how they can help the family, a spokeswoman told ABC News.

“We’re covered,” said Stephanie Slater, public information officer for the Boynton Beach Police Department. “We’re asking people to do good in their communities on behalf of our officers.”

“We’re appreciative that people are talking about this because they need to see and need to be reminded that cops are the good guys,” she said. “They are human beings who have a heart and they do things like this every day that go unnoticed.”

Paramore and Ward have remained in touch with the family and plan to make sure there are presents under the family’s tree on Christmas morning.

“She was very thankful for what we did,” Paramore said of the mother. “We did it to inspire anyone and everyone.”

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