Food Hacks Every College Kid Needs to Know

Staying fed while being on your own for the first time isn't easy.

— -- For the  graduate going off  to live at college, staying fed on a tiny budget and being on alone for the first time isn’t easy. After all, what college freshman has an actual kitchen in their dorm room to make all of the things he or she wants/needs to eat? Nobody. So the best way you can prepare students for dorm life is to get some dorm room-safe (or apartment-approved) gadgets that can help them avoid gaining some of the  “freshman 15”  and help prepare them for the days where they do have a kitchen they can cook in. And they need a few hacks to help them get by until then.

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We found some extremely useful life hacks you are going to love if you are ever out in the wide world and find yourself without certain essentials.

Easy Coffee Hack

No coffee maker? Try making a coffee "tea" bag.

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Keep a Beer Cold (Seniors Only!)

This one is not for freshmen, but older students who are of age will appreciate this super convenient tip for last-minute party preparation. Want an ice cold brew in a short amount of time? Try this method of wrapping a wet paper towel around the beer bottle in the freezer for a fast-chill blast!

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Chip “Bowl”

Don’t want to make a ton of noise while eating chips in class? Prepare by making this nifty chip bowl out of your bag.

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