Forget New Year's Resolutions, Try New Year's Intentions

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Zoe Saldana isn't making a New Year's resolution for 2017.

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Instead, along with her two sisters, Saldana is setting a goal that she thinks is much more attainable: an intention.

"Instead of a resolution this year we decided to set an intention, picking a word and focusing on that word and letting that word guide you through the year," Saldana's sister Mariel said in a video.

Zoe Saldana, 38, added that "intention feels more like an active verb. Why not just be? Let’s say, instead of trying to be brave, instead of trying to be nice. Just be nice. Just intend to be nice. I feel that has a different kind of approach and it will bring a different kind of result."

Sonya Frazier, a licensed mental health counselor based in Tampa, Florida, told ABC News that the Saldana sisters may be on to something.

"A New Year's resolution is not really a plan or anything that you can really put into practice, by definition," she explained. "That's why people haven't been successful."

Although setting an intention for the year isn't necessarily a new phenomenon, it may be a great alternative since "it's more of a plan or an aim," Frazier noted.

She said there are many ways to ensure an intention is filled for 2017.

1. Be Specific

For the Saldana sisters, Mariel chose "Faith," Cisely picked "Assertive," while Zoe wanted "to remain open." Still, Frazier suggested that instead of picking one word, really flesh out your intention. "Be specific," she told ABC News. "Instead of choosing, 'Faith,' say, 'I intend to be faithful in my giving,' or 'I intend to be faithful in my relationship.'"

2. Remind, Remind, Remind

"Try to reflect on your intention on a daily basis," Frazier suggested, adding that it's best to do that in the morning -- whether it's using sticky notes to place throughout your home, utilizing a calendar or even using an app to remind you to reflect on that intention. Frazier also suggested putting that word or phrase as the backdrop on your cellphone.

3. Reflect

"Sometimes with resolutions, we write them down and don't come back to them," Frazier said. And it's important to constantly check in with yourself to see if you're reaching that goal.

"It's cute to write it and say it, but if you're not doing anything, nothing is going to change," she continued.