George W. Bush Sells Cardinal Painting Christmas Ornament

PHOTO: The 2013 Bush Center Ornament, features artwork by President George W. Bush.PlayABC News
WATCH President Bush: The Artist Behind The 2013 Bush Center Ornament

For former President George W. Bush's supporters who've been wondering where and when they can get their hands on a piece of the budding painter's artwork, Christmas has come early this year.

The former president, who has previously dabbled in the domain of bathroom, animal and celebrity portraiture, is now selling his artwork on a limited edition Christmas ornament, which is "flying off the shelves" at the Bush Center's Museum Store, according to a shop assistant.

"It's a real popular hot item right now" a Bush Center museum shop assistant, who remained unnamed, told ABC News. "We ordered about 10,000 in total; 5,000 in red boxes and in 5,000 in green boxes. They're all just about gone."

The ornament retailing at $29.98 features a painting of a cardinal that Bush originally did for his friend, former ambassador Warren Tichenor.

Bush said it was his wife Laura who chose the painting to feature on both the Bush Center's Christmas card and ornament.

"Laura liked the bright red on the cardinal and the greens of the foliage," Bush says in a promotional video for the ornament. "I'm flattered and I hope my painting meets expectations."

George W. Bush, Puppy Painter

Earlier this year, Bush told ABC News' Diane Sawyer that he was taking weekly art lessons at home with a "patient" instructor, and was painting on a daily basis.

"I love to paint. It is -- painting has changed my life in an unbelievably positive way," the 43rd president said.

Bush also told Sawyer he was first inspired to paint by reading Winston Churchill's "Painting as a Pastime."

The experience has "been eye-opening for me, Bush said. "I mean, I look at colors differently and I see shadow."

He said he was particularly proud of one of his self-portraits, which leaked earlier this year and show Bush's toes poking out of a bathtub, with the water running.

George W. Bush Shows off Paintings With Jay Leno

On Tuesday, Bush further paraded his painting prowess on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," giving a lifelike portrait he had painted of the talk show host to Leno on air.

Bush also revealed paintings he'd done of his cat, Bob, and beloved Scottish Terrier, Barney, at which point Leno joked: "I can't even see where you painted over the numbers."

ABC News' Rick Klein contributed to this report.