Georgia Couple Weds in Grocery Store on Thanksgiving

VIDEO: Georgia Couples Weds in Grocery Store on
WATCH Georgia Couple Weds in Grocery Store on Thanksgiving

An Albany, Georgia, couple wed last Thursday in the exact place they reconnected -- the grocery store.

Mary and Charles Larry Tinson exchanged vows inside Harvey's Supermarket.

It was only four years ago that Charles Larry, who had just returned from a tour in Afghanistan, ran into his now wife while running a last-minute errand to pick up cranberry sauce for his Thanksgiving dinner.

"I heard someone say 'Hey, girl,' and I turned around and said 'Oh my God, Larry? I haven't seen you in over 20-something years," the bride told ABC affiliate WALB-TV in Albany, Georgia.

After that chance encounter in 2012, the two began dating. Recently, they decided to wed on Thanksgiving this year. The location of their nuptials wasn't hard to decide for the groom.

"She asked me where are we going to get married and I said at Harvey's, where I met you," Charles Larry told WALB-TV.

More than 70 guests joined the bride and groom at their wedding, where the bride walked down the grocery store aisle decorated with a red carpet.

Along with live music, guests enjoyed a wedding cake, featuring cranberries, of course. The centerpieces were also filled with the small red fruit. And as for the party favors, each guest received a can of cranberry sauce -- a nod to the item that led to their chance encounter.