Little Girl Chops Her Hair Off After Asking Grandma to Do Makeup Tutorial

“We didn’t even think that scissors were there,” said her grandmother.

— -- One little girl had a little too much fun with a pair of scissors recently after telling her grandmother she wanted to create a makeup tutorial.

When her mother and grandmother were in the next room, 5-year-old Aubrey took it upon herself to try out a new hairstyle. The young girl wacked off her bangs, getting a bit too close to her scalp for comfort, and it’s all caught on camera.

The hilarious yet horrifying video has more than 10 million views since Jan. 15 and counting.

“She asked me to set my tablet up because she likes to video herself,” Aubrey’s grandma, Debbie Arnold, told ABC News. “She watches lots of makeup tutorials online. She’ll do dances, she’s videotaped herself being a school teacher, all kinds of imaginative things.”

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Arnold had given Aubrey a little basket of her old makeup to use for her playtime tutorials, never realizing scissors would become part of equation.

“We didn’t even think that scissors were there,” said Arnold. “We set her up in the kitchen and we were in the next room chatting, just figuring she was having a good time— and she was.”

When her mother and grandmother discovered the drastic haircut they were shocked, but mostly thought it was a funny way for her to learn a lesson.

“Everybody’s daughter has done that at some time,” said the grandmother.

Arnold posted the video on Facebook and tagged her own hairdresser, Emmalee Wolf, asking if that’s how she got her start in the business.

“I had her grandmother sitting in my chair yesterday and she came in and said, ‘Oh my gosh, what’d you think about my granddaughter?,’” Wolf recalled. “She asked if there’s anything I could do and I just said, ‘let it grow.’”

As for how Aubrey feels about her sassy new look, “She’s mildly embarrassed but it’s ok,” her mom explained, jokingly adding, “She’ll be crying one day when we show it to her first boyfriend though.”