Little Girl's Excitement for First Day of School Is Too Much to Handle

Zoe Brock, 2, is sending the internet into hysterics with her power pose.

ByABC News
August 25, 2016, 12:32 PM

— -- September is near, and a lot of kids aren’t too thrilled about going back to school.

But not 2-year-old Zoe Brock, whose enthusiasm for the first day of her preschool classes is absolutely sending the internet over the edge.

“This was Monday. We weren’t even at her school yet,” Zoe’s mom, Sharvonne Broussard, of Houston, Texas, told ABC News. “She has a brother who’s 14. It was his first day of high school. She was excited to go to school with him. I said, ‘OK Zoe. Sam’s gonna go to school now, let’s take a first day of school picture,’ and that’s the pose she gave me.”

Pint-sized Zoe may be small but her personality is larger than life. She’s not only full of sass, but full of smarts.

“This little girl, she’s only 2, and she is amazing,” said her proud mom. “If you talk to her she holds whole conversations. She responds the correct the way. This baby has been talking since she was 9 months.

“Right now she’s in a Christian Academy and they’re teaching her a lot of different prayers,” she added. “When we’re at home she puts on the ‘Zoe Show’ and tells us all her prayers she learned and she tells us her ABCs in Spanish and her colors in Spanish.”

More than anything, Broussard hopes her daughter “keeps this enthusiasm about school.”

“Every morning I drop this girl off and she’s excited about going to school,” she explained. “She wants to see her teachers, she wants to see her friends. And this is just preschool. Imagine elementary school. We have a lot of school left.”

Ever since Zoe’s super enthusiastic school photo went viral after Broussard’s niece posted it on Twitter, Broussard been trying to take pics of her daughter every day.

“This morning I couldn’t get a picture of her though,” said Broussard. “She said she’s ‘too tired.’”