31 'Boyfriend Rules' as Specified by 2 Little Girls

"Likes parents," but "not living with parents" among specifications.

Feb. 6, 2014— -- If you were looking for love, chances are these might be on your list: Cuteness. Dresses well. Takes you to nice places. Last name not weird.

These -- along with 27 other requirements -- made the list of "boyfriend rules" written by Brooke and Blaire, 9 and 6 years old, respectively. The list was photographed by their mom Gabrielle Daniels and shared on her Twitter account @AroundTownGabby.

And while the specifications above might be found on a woman of any age's list, there are a few that could only come from little girls and their vision of the world.

Among those? Rule no. 13: Don't pick your nose. Also, make sure he "doesn't tattle tale." And even more important? The no. 1 rule: "nice hand writing."

The Boston-area mom said she "thought it was hilarious." Her older daughter, Brooke, wanted to help her little sister understand what's important in boyfriends. But, their mom admitted, both girls' frame of reference when it comes to anything boyfriend-related is Disney.

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Yet the girls show wisdom that seems beyond their years. They included respects different 'religens,' " "marry someone who respects you," "likes YOUR job" and "listens" on the list as well.

So does Daniels feel confident in her kids' ability to select a good guy when the time comes to date? Maybe not. "I've told them that they can't date until they are 25."