‘GMA’ Tries Out New Running Shoes

VIDEO: Before You Buy Running Shoes, Take a Look at New Shoe TechnologyPlayABCNews.com
WATCH Before You Buy Running Shoes, Take a Look at New Shoe Technology

New running shoes are full of wild-looking technology and new designs that deviate dramatically from shoes of the past.

There is no one shoe that works for every runner. You now have to work to find shoes that fit your running style. On the upside, a shoe that matches up with your running style can make the experience much more enjoyable and maximize the benefits of running while avoiding some of the wear and tear running can cause on your joints.

If you don’t know your style go to your local running shoe store and talk to the sales-people there. Even better, find a clinic that does gait analysis like the clinic we used at the University of California San Francisco (special thanks to Dr. Anthony Luke who worked with us on this story).

If you are specifically interested in the shoes I tried they are:

  • Hoka One
  • Altra
  • Adidas Spring Blades

What kind of runner are you and what shoes do you love? Reply in the comments or when you share this video.