Golden Retriever Caught Not Being Able to Catch

VIDEO: Fritz the Golden Retriever Cant
WATCH Fritz the Golden Retriever Can't Catch

Dogs are supposed to be able to catch but, unfortunately, for one golden retriever, it is just not happening.

A video posted Sunday on YouTube shows the agony of a dog named Fritz as he tries to catch everything thrown at him, from a steak to a strawberry to a hot dog.

“We've compiled some of the highs and lows of Fritz’s quest to learn how to catch food,” the video’s caption reads. “Sit back and enjoy a little ride through memory lane as Fritz is introduced to a steak, a strawberry, a chimichanga, a meatball, and more.”

Fritz’s first hint at YouTube fame, and dog infamy, began last month when a video was posted of Fritz trying to catch an artisan bread roll. Fritz was unsuccessful and his unlucky streak continued over a series of 10 videos, documenting everything from missed bananas to missed broccoli and more.