Goodwill Helps Homeless Veterans Find a Home

Timothy Hogan, 20, was the first veteran to move into the home.

— -- Timothy Hogan told officials with the Goodwill of Northeast Iowa that he had never in his life had his own bedroom.

Hogan is the first of four U.S. veterans to move into a four-bedroom home in Cedar Falls, Iowa, leased by the local Goodwill office. He also now has a job at the local Goodwill donation center.

Steve Tisue, vice president of human services for Goodwill of Northeast Iowa, said the goal is to help Hogan and the three other veterans, whose names have not been released, to get back into the game of life.

“It’s not a handout but a hand up,” Tisue told ABC News. “They can get established, get a permanent address and work history under their belts.”

“Timothy has been very grateful,” Tisue said. “Our focus with him will be what his next step will be.”

Tisue said there is no time limit on how long the veterans may stay in the home. The nonprofit which typically focuses its services on helping people with disabilities is grateful to be able to give back to servicemen and women.

“I think it’s very rewarding serving veterans who have served us so well over the years, to pay that back a little,” Tisue said. “Goodwill is grateful as well.”