Grandfather, Grandson Share New Year's Day Birthday 53 Years Apart

The two were also born at the same hospital.

— -- A baby was born this past New Year's Day at a hospital in northwestern Washington where, coincidentally, his grandfather was also born 53 years ago.

The grandfather, Leon Longan, was born on Jan. 1, 1964, at Shelton Hospital in Shelton, Washington, according to Virginia J. McCarty, CEO of McCarty and Associates, a firm that handles marketing for the hospital, which was renamed Mason General Hospital in 1968.

Longan's grandson, Angus Connell, was born at the same hospital this past Sunday, Jan. 1, 2017, McCarty told ABC News today.

In addition to being born on the same day at the same hospital, Longan and Angus also both share the distinction of being the first babies born at the hospital in their respective birth years, McCarty said.

Angus' mother, 31-year-old Amanda Connell, told ABC News today that she never planned to have her son born on the same day as her father, but she was "very happy" about the "incredible coincidence."

Connell added that she has multiple other family members that have a birthday in early January.

"My dad was the 'New Year's Baby' in 1964, one of my little cousins is his birthday buddy too, another little cousin was born on the 2nd of January and my middle daughter was born on the 3rd of January," she said. "It's pretty crazy."

Connell also said that her family usually has a "big group New Year's Day birthday party every year," and this past New Year's Day, the "whole party showed up at the hospital."

"Everyone was very excited," she said. "We certainly have a lot to celebrate."