'Grandpa' hilariously babysits daughter's dog

Larry Specksgoor really wants grandkids.

— -- One proud dad couldn't wait to spend time with his grandson -- err, granddog.

Meghan Specksgoor, of Midlothian, Virginia, shared her father Larry's text messages on Twitter, in which he documented babysitting her dog while she took a trip to New York.

In one text, Larry Specksgoor wrote to his daughter, "Grandpa wants to know what kind of take out I can have? We are starving."

Another text included a photo showing the dog, a 4-year-old German shepherd named Chance, enjoying a park.

"Hate to keep bothering you mom, but we really need to hang out with gramps more," Larry Specksgoor said in a follow-up text.

Screenshots of the texts have gone viral, with more than 52,000 retweets.

Meghan Specksgoor told ABC News her father and her dog also "went to Petco to get his nails done because he needed his nails trimmed" and enjoyed sugar-free frozen yogurt together.

"He desperately wants grandchildren," Meghan Specksgoor added with a laugh.