Grieving dad hears deceased daughter's heart beat in donor recipient

The man is biking from Wisconsin to Florida to raise awareness.

Bill Conner of Madison, Wisconsin, decided to go on the 2,000-mile trek after his 20-year-old daughter, Abbey, died while on vacation in Cancun, Mexico, in January.

"On her winter break with her brother ... they both were found unconscious, face down in chest deep water in the resort's pool," Conner wrote on his GoFundMe page of the Florida accident. "Unfortunately, Abigail didn’t make it even after medical intervention."

His son survived.

Conner is biking to Ft. Lauderdale’s Broward Health Medical Center which, he said, "took exceptional care of my daughter and prepared her to donate her organs."

"The loss of my daughter's life is obviously beyond tragic. However, it has allowed four males from the ages of 20-60 to live because Abigail was an organ donor," Conner wrote. "Abigail’s eyes and tissues were also used which means even more people are living better lives with her donations."

In the video shared by Donate Life Louisiana, after a loving embrace between the two men, Jack hands Conner a stethoscope. Conner puts the stethoscope earpieces in as Jack slowly unbuttons his shirt so Conner can listen to his heartbeat.

As Conner listens to what was once his daughter's heartbeat on Father’s Day, he places his hand on Jack's shoulder, smiles and then quietly sobs.

Jack puts his hand on Conner's shoulder, too, as if to comfort him.

"Well, it's working," Conner jokes as he removed the stethoscope and wipes his tears on his sleeve.

So far, Conner has raised more than $19,000 for his cause.