See Groom's Priceless Reaction to Bride

Jai Kamat lost it when his bride walked down the aisle.

— -- When all the eyes of wedding attendees were glued to the bride, one photographer had the idea to focus her lens on the groom.

The photos she captured of the groom, Jai Kamat, seeing his bride, Julie, walk down the aisle are priceless.

“You always want to watch the groom first,” Lauren Benson, who captured the now-viral photos of Kamat, told ABC News. “I had my shutter going rapid fire and got some hilarious shots.”

The series of photos showing Kamat with his mouth increasingly open and tears increasingly welling up in his eyes were posted to Reddit Wednesday by his best man, Jim Hearne.

“That’s just how I am,” Kamat, 26, told ABC News today. “Seeing it plastered on the Internet is kind of strange.”

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Kamat, an artist who works for an advertising firm in New York City, wed his college sweetheart, Julie Kamat, also 26, on Memorial Day, May 26, at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Benson, an Alabama-based photographer who captured the photos of Kamat, is also his cousin. Both said that being highly expressive is a trait that runs in their family.

“I’m a very sort of facial person, when I talk to people and when I express myself,” Kamat said. “We’d been planning the wedding for about one year and Julie had been holding out on what her dress looked like.

“When those doors opened and she walked out it was kind of surreal,” he said. “Everyone was there, all our friends and family, and I was really happy and trying to hold back tears at the same time.

“It was a lot to take in at once.”

Kamat said now-wife Julie was not surprised to learn that a photo of him with his emotions literally on his face had gone viral, given the family gene.

“She sort of rolled her eyes because she’s used to it,” Kamat told ABC News. “She was like, ‘Oh, boy, here we go.’”