Half-Face Makeup Transformation Video Leaves Viewers in Awe

The reveal shows one side bare and a dramatic transformation on the other.

— -- In an emotionally honest video, beauty vlogger Nikkie de Jager dramatically transformed half of her face, showing how she can play up her own features with just makeup application.

The jaw-dropping reveal shows one side bare and beautiful and a dramatic transformation on the other, using just beauty products.

“Makeup can change your entire face. It can be Maleficent for one day, you can be Kylie Jenner for one day, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez,” de Jager said on “Good Morning America.” “You can be whoever you want to be for that day with the power of makeup. The possibilities are endless.”

The video has been seen over seven million times on YouTube, leaving viewers in awe, one writing, “Amazing job on the makeup. You're beautiful without but makeup makes a girl look fabulous in a way nature just can’t lol.”

Women around the world have followed suite, posting their half-face makeup transformations.

“Makeup can potentially make you look like a different person,” Yahoo Beauty senior editor Joanna Douglas said on “GMA.” “But I think the real purpose of makeup is to make you look like your best self.”

De Jager agrees, saying in the video: “I think a natural face is absolutely beautiful. Everyone is gorgeous with and without makeup. I think everyone should love themselves for who they are, what they look like. It's just that makeup can be so much fun to play around with.”