Hands-Free Cookie Dunker Could Revolutionize Snack Time

New invention lets your glass of milk do the heavy lifting.

March 7, 2014— -- It's rare that one can improve upon perfection, but two inventors are hoping to update a classic snack time ritual by bringing it the same benefits as the Bluetooth.

Jason Wells and Kiana Machnicz are the creators of Dunkin' Buddy, a new device designed to facilitate hands-free cookie dunking.

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"We came up with the idea this past October when we were dunking Oreo cookies while watching TV one night," Wells told ABC News. "The next day we started making clay prototypes and then a few weeks later had a couple different 3D printed prototypes made."

As with many genius creations, the Dunkin' Buddy is so simple, one wonders why someone didn't think of it sooner: Magnets placed on either side of the glass support a plastic tray full of cookies submerged in milk. Cookie lovers can keep them in for as long as the desired dunking time.

"We both like to dunk chocolate chip cookies and Oreo cookies for about 20 to 30 seconds to where they are soft to eat, but not so soft you can't pick them up without them falling apart in your hand," said Wells. "But Nutter Butter cookies can take well beyond that to soften."

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The invention is currently in the prototype phase with a Kickstarter page devoted to funding its future production.

There are only two days left to reach Dunkin' Buddy's $10,000 fundraising goal. If it is not met, the milk mavens will have to look for another means to make their dream a reality.