High Tech Health: Wearable Devices a Hot Gift This Season

Tis' the season to be healthy.

ByABC News
December 21, 2015, 9:44 AM

— -- Tis' the season to be healthy.

As we creep closer to the holidays, fitness trackers are one of the hottest-selling gifts this year.

"We are talking about the time of year where everyone's making their New Year's resolution, so what better gift to get than the gift of health?" celebrity trainer Latreal Mitchell said on "Good Morning America."

With the fitness tech industry raking in a whopping $14 billion a year, the trend is here to stay.

"It makes people aware of what they're doing and how you treat your body, so these tools give them the opportunity to do that," Mitchell said.

Here are some fitness gadgets to consider gifting this holiday season.

The GoBeThe GoBe is an automatic tracker for your entire body that calculates the amount of calories you've consumed, how many you've burned, your hydration, your sleep, your stress and your steps. $299 at healbe.com.

SpireSpire keeps track of your stress and emotions by tracking your breathing in real time. When you're feeling particularly tense or stressed, the device will send you a text message notifying you that it may be time to take a breather. $149.95 at spire.io.

SmartPlate SmartPlate calculates all the calories and nutrients you're about to consume through its built-in scale. Available for $99 at getsmartplate.com.