Hilarious Mom Adds Touch of Reality to Celebrity Instagrams

Because motherhood isn't always as glamorous as Kim K would like us to think.

— -- Some celebs try hard to assure fans their lives are not as glamorous as they seem. Celeste Barber would disagree.

As the mother of two young boys and two teenage stepdaughters, the Australian actor, writer and comedian is acutely aware of the not-so-glamorous nature of motherhood. That’s why she started imitating celebrity Instagrams, but with a much needed touch of reality.

“Being a mum is tricky, super tricky. I’m flat-out trying to put fresh undies on in the morning,” Barber told ABC News. “Then something like [Fergie’s] #MILFMONEY comes out and us non-models/popstars/socialites think, ‘Oh [s---], here’s another standard I can’t live up to.’”

The hilarious Instagrams began at Barber’s sister’s request. She started sending Barber photos of celebrities to recreate until eventually she agreed. And so #Celestechallengeaccepted was born.

“I’m really bored of seeing rich people pretend that how they live isn’t extraordinary and that it’s just normal,” Barber said of the celebrities she pokes fun at. “It’s not normal. It’s fancy and expensive and isn’t as attainable to us everyday people as they try to make out.”

But the mother also does it simply to make people laugh.

When asked whether she has a favorite, Barber answered like any good mother would: “Usually the funnier I look, the more I like it. But it’s like picking a favorite child, I can’t do it. I love them all equally!”

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