'Hippie Rocker' Dad Recreates Guitar Pic With Son 18 Years Later

David Casas' photo with his dad went viral with more than 2.5 million views.

— -- For this music-loving father and son, rocking out runs in the family.

Take a look at this photo former “hippie rocker” Frank Martinez and his son, David Casas, recreated 18 years after the original was taken, holding their beloved guitars.

The photo skyrocketed to the front page of Reddit receiving more than 2.5 million views within a day of Casas posting it to the social sharing site.

“I recently was looking at old photos of my dad when he was young and I remembered having seen this one before, but couldn't find it,” Casas, 20, of Almeria, Spain, wrote to ABC News. “I asked him about it, and he had it well-kept in the place he uses for rehearsals with his band. He brought it home for me to check out again, and I had the idea of taking a new photo with the same background.”

Casas had seen other people do fun photo recreations on the Internet before, which he thinks “is a nice way of keeping track of memories.”

The original photo was taken in 1997 when Martinez was 50 years old and his son was only 2-years-old. They are now 68 and 20-years-old, and although years have passed, their interests have obviously stayed on key.

“This particular photo is an example of how hobbies and interests are usually transferred from father to son,” Casas explained. “The good side of having a dad that shares an interest with you is that he can help you on everything you need. If I had a string broken, my dad would quickly put a new one for me. Any kind of problem I could have with my guitar, my dad would fix it for me. Any kind of question I had about guitar, my dad would answer it for me.”

Martinez actually built the blue guitar pictured in the photograph for Casas when he was a teenager.

“He painted the guitar secretly for me,” Casas wrote. “I had been playing his guitar and didn't have my own until then. He made this guitar from a Do-It-Yourself guitar construction kit. It was the first guitar he built, and came out pretty well. He put a decal on the headstock with a design he made up with my initials ‘DMC.’”

The father-son duo are both still very active playing their guitars which is music to Martinez’s ears, given his steeped history with the instrument, rocking and rolling since the 1960s.

“My dad has been playing since he was a teenager,” Casas explained. “When he was young he was a hippie rocker, and he was abroad with his band traveling in a van around Europe. When he came to Spain when he was 28, he got a job and stopped playing for a while to start a calmer life, but after many years he found some fellow musicians and started rocking again.”

When asked how Casas’ dad must feel knowing he’s instilled his passion into his son, his reply was simple: “He is really proud.”