Holiday Gift Guide: Adult Onesies Are Hot New Trend

Adult onesies are a hot new trend.

— -- Call them footsie pajamas, union suits or blanket sleepers: adult onesies are a thing.

I noticed a few friends posting pictures on Facebook wearing these nocturnal vestments even during the day so I had to unearth the details on this trend.

Maybe it started with the pajama family making videos a few Christmases ago, but most likely it’s nostalgia from adults born in the late 60s and 70s who collectively remembered that these were a part of their childhood.

And even beyond holiday onesie parties (they must get hot), apparel brand Onepiece is attempting to make the onesie much more fashionable with their Aviator, Joey and Air jumpsuits.

Cozy, comfy, and casual this is one trend I can absolutely embrace -- albeit in the privacy of my own home.