Horror Photographer Uses His 5 Daughters in Spooky Photo Series

Joshua Hoffine said his daughters played "dress up with dad."

— -- One Kansas photographer loves scaring people in his spooky photos. And he even has his five daughters in on the gag.

Joshua Hoffine uses his daughters along with fog machines, lighting, props and special effects makeup to create some of the scariest photos you'll lay eyes on.

In his series "After Dark My Sweet," the horror photographer has shot one daughter walking down stairs as a monster awaits and he's photographed his toddler looking up at a creepy clown that appears as if it's about to attack.

Hoffine, 43, insisted his daughters weren't afraid of the scenes he vividly recreated. For example, the clown featured in his horror photo "is literally their grandmother standing behind the sheet," he told ABC News.

"That's why I used my own children. I don't think I could've created this work in any other way," Hoffine added. "These are the only kids that knew me, that trusted me and were unafraid of what was going on."

Hoffine said he went "to every length possible" to really "scare people" with the photo series. Each photo took seven to 14 days to create.

"It's almost all done in front of the camera," he explained. "Post production is very light and when it does occur, it's usually because it was nearly impossible. Like, there's a photo of a shotgun going off next to a 2-year-old. We had to combine [those scenes] in post-production. But the fog machines and special effects are all happening at once."