Horse 'Plays Dead' in Funny Video

The horse is named Pinto.

— -- A horse who likes to “play dead” is now a viral star after its owner posted a video of his antics on Facebook.

The owner, who posts under the Facebook name MarkNKelly, can be heard in the video telling the horse, Pinto, to “get up.”

“Quit playing dead,” the Texas-based owner said. “Every day I think I’m going to have get a tractor out here and get you up.”

The owner can also be heard saying, “You embarrass me for the neighbors.”

Finally, after a little over one minute, Pinto gets up and shakes himself off.

The owner later posted on Facebook that she filmed the video after electrical contractors in her area called to tell her she had a dead horse in her pasture.

“Sir, my horse ain't dead. He plays possum. But, I'm coming, give me a minute, please,” the owner wrote of her reply to the concerned contractors.

The owner also posted that Pinto is a pony for her grandchildren.