Husband Creates New Game Developer Barbie After Wife Could Only Find It In One Skin Tone

Lisette Montgomery was sad when the game developer Barbie came in one skin tone.

— -- Marcus Montgomery knew exactly what to get his wife for her birthday after Barbie released its newest career doll -- the Game Developer Barbie.

Still, when Lisette Titre-Montgomery, his wife of two years and a game developer herself, could only find the doll in one skin tone she decided against getting it. That was until Montgomery had an idea: Purchase a Fashionista Barbie in a darker skin tone and dress her up as Game Developer Barbie. And voilà, problem solved.

Montgomery, 42, who is also a game developer, said it only took him about 20 minutes to transform his wife's Barbie.

"The hardest part was getting the doll out of the package," he told ABC News, adding that he wanted to preserve the package to present his wife with her new doll.

Many people online have said that the Oakland, California, man is a genius after he shared now viral photos of his custom creation. But Montgomery said he doesn't think so.

"Let's be real, mothers across America have been doing this for years," he said. "My ultimate goal was to make my wife smile. It was her birthday.

"She works hard and, like all of us, she feels unrecognized at times," Montgomery added. "A developer Barbie acknowledged her career of choice. It's exciting. It's cool, but both my wife and I realize the importance of representation and it's something we experience every day."

That's why Montgomery created the website We Are Game Devs to celebrate diversity in the gaming industry.

"I think it's important to see faces that you might not normally see and hopefully find some inspiration from them," he said.

And how did Titre-Montgomery, 39, enjoy her one-of-a-kind doll?

"I love my husband because he's thoughtful and generous," she told ABC News via email. "The thought of him struggling to put those tiny clothes on that little Barbie with those big hands cracks me up. It makes me love the gift even more."

For Montgomery there's no hard feelings.

"To Mattel's credit, they’re doing exceptional work in the fact that Game Developer Barbie was considered career of the year. It's amazing to me," he said. "The campaign is an inspiration to young girls."