Internet Mobilizes as Parents of Hospitalized Boy Call for 'Turtle Power'

PHOTO: The cover photo of the "Turtle Power for James Edwards" Facebook page.Turtle Power for James Edwards/Facebook
The cover photo of the "Turtle Power for James Edwards" Facebook page.

For parents Jenna and Skyler Edwards, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles really are "heroes in a half shell."

The animated characters have proved a rallying point this week for them as well as for thousands of people praying for the recovery of their little boy.

James Edwards was taken to the hospital last Friday after he slipped into the family pool and nearly drowned. Exact details surrounding the accident are still unclear. But it seems tragedy struck when a relative who had been watching him lost track of the active toddler for a few agonizingly consequential moments.

The week has been an emotional roller-coaster for his parents. Just one day earlier, his mother gave birth to a baby boy and was still recovering at the time of her son's fall.

As the two-year-old remains in critical condition, his family has expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support and positive thinking that they've christened "Turtle Power."

Since launching on Sunday to keep friends and family updated on his progress, the "Turtle Power for James Edwards" Facebook page has garnered over 17,000 "likes" and scores of well-wishers. And while they are still very much in the midst of the harrowing ordeal, both parents took time to recognize the virtual community as a source of inspiration and of hope.

"This has been so nice for us," Jenna Edwards said in an interview with ABC affiliate Local 10 News last week.

For now, physicians are watching for signs of potential improvement. Hoping to minimize potential damage to his brain, doctors initially plunged the toddler into a medically induced coma and lowered his body temperature to initiate monitored hypothermia. Since gradually emerging from the coma, James has been kept sedated, but is exhibiting some signs of improvement. His parents and his many fans are currently charting his progress with reserved optimism.

According to the Facebook page, all are waiting for the results of his most recent MRI and hoping for good news.

"I can visualize him walking out the front door," Skyler Edwards told Lhose. "I really can."