Kapow! Guy Turns Office Into Superhero Heaven With 8,024 Post-its

Ben Brucker spent 12 hours transforming his boring work walls into works of art.

— -- From sterile to super, in only 8,024 Post-its!

When Ben Brucker realized how bored he was with the drab walls at his office, a creative agency in downtown San Francisco, he simply thought to himself, “I should do something about it.”

“I wanted something colorful, playful and inspiring,” Brucker, 31, told ABC News. “My creative director and I tossed around some ideas. Famous Portraits? Pixelated iconic posters? Eventually, he suggested superheroes. Superheroes were the answer. I started working out the pixel grid and designing some characters.”

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But simply painting the walls wasn’t going to do. They realized paint would not only be difficult to remove, but they had to be mindful of their building facilities department. Using Post-its instead was “a semi-cheap and fully temporary solution.”

He and his colleagues could not have been more excited about the head-to-toe superheroes. Everyone joined in on the super-charged fun, completing the crafty project over one particularly warm weekend.

“Apparently the A/C does not work in the building over the weekend,” Brucker explained. “This was an unpleasant surprise. It got pretty gross by the end.”

They powered through, however, finishing the somewhat Marvel-inspired masterpiece in just 12 hours.

“Superheroes are strong and inspiring figures,” Brucker said. “They are iconic, and recognizable. Plus, we could design them ourselves.”

The elaborate paper designs have been hanging for nearly a week now and seem to be holding up quite well.

“They are indeed all still up,” Brucker said. “I’d say about one every other day is fluttering down. We’ve just been replacing those with new notes [there are plenty leftover] and they seem to be doing fine.”

All good things must come to an end, however. They’re moving into a new office in a few months “and, obviously, will not be able to take these heroes with us,” he explained.

Brucker has big plans to design and install something in the new office space but isn’t quite sure what it will look like yet. Needless to say, he's sure it will brighten up people’s work day.

“It’s important to not hate your work environment,” Brucker said. “And if you have an opportunity to change it, you should. It should reflect the personality of the people who work there every day. It’s a good reminder that you can still have fun, even during times when you may not actually be having fun.”