Kid's Roller Coaster Face Has Dad Laughing

"This roller coaster photo will haunt my son forever."

— -- "This roller coaster photo will haunt my son forever."

That's the caption Will Poole from Wilmington, North Carolina, posted to Reddit along with a hilarious photo of his son on a roller coaster.

One commenter wrote, "Epic. The dude is the best parent ever hahaha."

Poole's son Kylan, 12, is the one in the photo making what the Internet is calling a "possessed" face.

But dad assured ABC news that despite appearances, Kylan was actually having a great time.

"SkyRush [at Hershey Park, Pennsylvania} was one of our favorites and we definitely want to go back. His face in the photo is super misleading. He was ecstatic afterwards and those two [Kylan and his brother Asher, 15] rode at the front of almost every coaster they were on."

The Pooles were visiting the boys' grandparents in Seven Valleys, Pennsylvania; it was they who got the family tickets. Pictured in the family photo is Poole, Kylan, Asher and their mom, Tammy Poole.

As for Kylan, he's not mad at dad at all.

"He's excited at how many people are enjoying it," he said.