Las Vegas Marriage Proposal Is Pure Magic

VIDEO: Magician Aids Marriage
WATCH Magician Aids Marriage Proposal

In a decade-long career as a magician and entertainer in Las Vegas, Rob Anderson had never been asked to pull a diamond ring out of his proverbial hat, until now.

A German man, James, who became a fan of Anderson’s work through the magician's YouTube channel, flew his girlfriend, family and friends from Germany to Las Vegas to surprise his girlfriend with a magical marriage proposal.

“This was a first,” Anderson, 28, told ABC News by email. “James said he loves magic and he thought it would be a fun, surprising way to pop the question."

"The idea for how to do it was completely up to me," Anderson said. "He just said to make it magical.”

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Anderson and James arranged for James’ girlfriend, Nicole, to go The Linq, a shopping and entertainment district in Las Vegas, with friends on June 11, while James supposedly went to a bar with friends.

Anderson posed as a street performer at The Linq and pulled Nicole in for a magic trick that involved a ring on a string. Once Nicole was blindfolded, James switched places with Anderson and switched the stunt ring with the actual diamond engagement ring.

“On the count of three, the blindfold will come up and you won’t believe your eyes,” Anderson told Nicole.

After James proposed in their native German language, Nicole said yes.

“People erupted in cheers and applause after they realized what was happening,” Anderson said of the crowd that quickly gathered. “I saw a few people shed a tear, and there were smiles and hugs all around after she said yes. Definitely a very special day that made everyone happy!”

Anderson posted the magical proposal to his YouTube page, where it has been viewed nearly 70,000 times.

The magician said that the success of his first-ever marriage proposal has led him to believe there will be many more in his future.

“I am now offering magic proposal packages to clients who would like to surprise their girlfriends with something special like this,” Anderson said. “I think I'm going to be getting a lot of these requests now.

“I love the ability to be creative and do things that other people aren't doing, and the proposal options I can do for couples are all very unique and magical in their own way,” he added.