Makeup 101: Bobbi Brown’s 3 Tips for Putting an End to Makeup Hoarding

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WATCH How to Put an End to Makeup Hoarding

Is your makeup drawer overloaded with products?

Makeup guru Bobbi Brown, the editor in chief of Yahoo Beauty, said many of us are guilty of makeup hoarding.

"The average consumer owns over 40 products, but most women really only use about five to seven," Brown said during today's appearance on "Good Morning America.”

"Fall is the best time to clean out your makeup drawer."

Brown, who was on “GMA” as part of the "Yahoo Your Day" collaboration, offered three tips on cleaning up and how to keep the products from piling up:

1. Get rid of the makeup that has expired

Check expiration dates, Brown said.

"Most women hang onto makeup even though they know it's expired," she added. "Mascara only lasts three to six months. If it's any older than that, you're risking an eye infection."

2. Edit your products

"Make sure that your colors are right for the season," she said. "For fall, stick to colors that are a little richer in texture. You can never go wrong with a brown."

3. Only buy products that work with your lifestyle

"If you're not someone that wants to spend an hour doing your makeup, stick to easy colors that you don't have to blend," Brown said. “Make your life simple."